Whole Family Wellness 1030 1030 Erin Wadelin

Whole Family Wellness

What does wellness mean to you? Health is not merely the absence of disease, but rather is the optimal expression of one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Health cannot be found in pill form. Instead, health should be supported through whole-food nutrition, enjoyable physical activity, quality sleep and rest, and connected relationships with ones we love.…

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Holistic Nutrition 848 565 Erin Wadelin

Holistic Nutrition

Dietary and nutrition guidelines have changed significantly over the years. How do we know what is accurate? With so much conflicting information circulating on the internet, it is impossible to know what dietary recommendations to follow for your unique individual needs. When most people ask their doctors and healthcare providers about nutritional guidance, they are…

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Chiropractic Care 1030 687 Erin Wadelin

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments are used to address disorders of the musculoskeletal or nervous systems, most commonly treating misaligned or restricted joints that may be affecting disorders of muscles, connective tissues, nerves, or internal organ systems. Joints may become restricted for a variety of reasons, including improper movement patterns and biomechanics, injuries, or repetitive postural stressors. Restricted…

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Functional Medicine 564 320 Erin Wadelin

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a whole-body approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. To fully understand the “why” behind the symptoms someone experiences, a functional medicine approach includes a comprehensive history intake and understanding of a person’s unique past medical history. With a functional medicine approach, quality time is spent getting to know…

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Acupuncture 1030 687 Erin Wadelin


This practice that involves the insertion of very thin needles at strategic points throughout the body along energy meridians to balance “qi” (energy) and therefore treat various physical and mental conditions. Acupuncture is most commonly used to reduce musculoskeletal pain, but more broadly can address internal disorders and emotional conditions as well. It is especially effective to help increase…

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SHAPE ReClaimed 940 788 Erin Wadelin

SHAPE ReClaimed

Are you struggling with any of these? Aches and pains Anxiety Blood sugar imbalances Brain fog Depression Emotional eating Fatigue Headaches Irritability Sleep problems Weight gain If you’ve tried everything, but nothing works, it’s because you’re dealing with inflammation. We have your simple, life-changing solution: the SHAPE Program. The SHAPE Program addresses these symptoms and…

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