We do not participate with any insurance plans. Dr. Erin Wadelin is an out-of-network provider with private insurance policies.

We believe that the duration and quality of your care should not be dictated by what insurance companies will or will not cover.

​Dr. Erin Wadelin spends 45-60 minutes with her patients to get to know and understand their individual health history. She may spend time to focus on details that other providers overlook or do not have time to address. The practice is structured so that Dr. Erin can communicate directly with the patients, and she is the one that attends to emails and issues regarding your health questions/needs.

Dr. Erin Wadelin prioritizes extensive time for patient care, and therefore her fees reflect the additional time spent creating personalized recommendations for each patient.

As a courtesy for our patients, we can assist with the submission of claims for out-of-network reimbursement by providing a superbill.

Payment is due at the time of service.

All major credit and debit cards, cash, or check payments are accepted.

​HSA and FSA cards may be used as payment.

Dr. Erin Wadelin is also a Care Credit provider.

If finances are a concern, we will help create an individualized payment plan on a case-by-case basis for services and/or products recommended as part of treatment.

Yes! Each person in a household must first be established as a new patient at the office with an appropriate history and exam. After an initial treatment period has been completed and goals have been achieved, Dr. Erin offers a variety of different family wellness plans to help make cost more affordable for whole families under care.

Your first chiropractic or acupuncture visit with Dr. Erin will consist of a comprehensive health history and physical examination, often lasting 45-60 minutes. A thorough examination may consist of, but is not limited to, a comprehensive physical, neurological and orthopedic procedures, muscle testing, and other functional assessments.

Depending on your condition, a radiological exam may be necessary prior to treatment, or referral to another provider may be indicated. If you are able to be treated on the day of the exam, the Dr. Erin will begin care on your first visit. You will receive an explanation of the nature of the condition, discuss short and long-term goals, and have an opportunity to ask any other questions that you may have.

Follow-up appointments are determined based on the unique needs of your condition. Chiropractic visits often last 15 minutes, while acupuncture visits are usually 30-40 minutes.

Functional medicine and nutritional evaluations often require more comprehensive labs to evaluate underlying root causes to symptoms, including routine blood work, saliva or urine testing, or functional stool testing, which will be determined at your initial visit. If additional labs are required, Dr. Erin will review those results at a follow-up appointment and then proceed with recommendations at that time.

We are pleased to offer virtual telemedicine appointments through a secured video-call for those who would prefer this option instead of an in-office visit. Please select this option upon booking your appointment.

If you have any previous imaging reports (x-rays, MRI’s, etc.) that are pertinent to the reason(s) you are coming in for care, we encourage you to obtain those records and bring them to your first visit to ensure that treatment may be considered for the first day.

If you have been working with other medical providers for your health conditions and have had previous lab testing performed, any reports from within the last 1-2 years may be useful for Dr. Erin to review. We encourage you to bring these with you to your first visit, or upload them to the secure patient portal once a profile has been created.

In the office, Dr. Erin can help you submit a release of records to obtain any records from previous offices as well, but we encourage you to obtain them before your visit to save time and ensure that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Dr. Erin works with a variety of different companies to obtain the highest quality testing at the best pricing.

If routine blood testing is recommended, Dr. Erin often sends patients to Quest, LabCorp, Any Lab Test Now, or other local outpatient lab sites. These labs are often able to be billed to insurance companies, based on medical necessity.

Specialty labs, including hormone testing, comprehensive stool analysis, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hair tissue mineral analysis, and other advanced testing options are often recommended by Dr. Erin for at-home sample collection. These lab tests are often not covered by insurance companies, but many of these companies offer cash-pay discounts or payment installments upon request. The cost of testing varies, and different test profiles are recommended based on a person’s individual needs and budget.

We understand the concerns about working with a new provider! Dr. Erin is pleased to offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for anyone who would like to ask initial questions about our office, our treatment style, and our approach to your health concerns. We encourage you to book consultation through our booking link on our website.

For the fastest reply, text our office number at 727-306-1306 with any scheduling, appointment, or billing questions. Email is also a great way to connect with us, and patients may message us at drerin@nurturefamilywellness.com.

To communicate with Dr. Erin about health concerns, the private patient portal is the most secure way to ask questions.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Erin over the phone, please keep in mind that it may be 1-2 business days until your questions can be answered through a live conversation. Feel free to leave a voicemail, but please be aware this will be the slowest communication method.