Holistic Nutrition

Dietary and nutrition guidelines have changed significantly over the years. How do we know what is accurate? With so much conflicting information circulating on the internet, it is impossible to know what dietary recommendations to follow for your unique individual needs. When most people ask their doctors and healthcare providers about nutritional guidance, they are often left with conflicting or vague information. Unless most physicians choose to pursue additional training in nutritional education, they are limited in their knowledge and how dietary choices can impact health outcomes.

Food Is Medicine

Every time you put a fork to your mouth, you are changing your body’s biochemistry. Each bite you take, you are influencing your unique gene expression based on the vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and chemical molecules present in that bite. Each meal you consume, including the time at which you consume it and the length of time it takes you to consume it, impacts your metabolism, your hormones, and your cell signaling.

Good food in equals good health out.

Dr. Erin Wadelin earned her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, which allows her to offer an in-depth perspective about how specific food choices can impact someone’s health outcomes. She offers customized and tailored dietary recommendations for a variety of health conditions, based on her patient’s specific individual goals. Comprehensive testing including blood, saliva, or urinary testing may be useful in determining someone’s nutrient depletions, and individual treatment recommendations can be provided to support these deficiencies. Dr. Erin believes in using food first to improve these depletions, but that food-based or high-dose vitamins and minerals can be used strategically to supplement what a diet may not be providing.


Aside from increasing the proper nutrients to promote wellbeing, specific foods may be triggers or mediators for poor health. By utilizing the strategies of a comprehensive elimination diet or food sensitivity testing, Dr. Erin is able to identify foods that create poor outcomes for patients, including inflammation, weight gain, digestive symptoms, hormone imbalances, headaches, or chronic pain.


Whole food nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and healthy mind. Dr. Erin educates her patients how to live a healthy lifestyle through holistic nutrition and dietary choices.