Life changing! I see Dr. Erin for Chiropractic and Nutrition and she helped change my life from a very tiring and overwhelming place full of fear and confusion to now a much MUCH healthier place! She helped me to discover the steps I needed to identify my food sensitivities, unknown mysterious illnesses that went untreated properly for years and to find true hope for the first time in my health journey!

Her personality that partners well with her professionalism, makes you leave with a breath of fresh air knowing what to do, how to handle and knowing someone’s got your back! Her joy and excitement for helping her patients is contagious! She was able to help me go from the dark and scary pits of depression, anxiety, stress, crippling illness, and hopelessness in such a short amount of time.

​By the first appointment I knew she was right for me and a rare commodity to find and by only 3 visits in we had 80% of my problems figured out and into the healing process. Without Dr. Erin and her wonderful care for others, her wisdom for knowing how to treat each individual patient with respect, honesty and with quality time, I don’t even know where I would be. I literally thank God for her! Life.changing.