Nurture Chiropractic and Family Wellness is such a wonderful addition to the Dunedin community. Dr. Erin's functional medicine background allowed her to really look at my whole health picture, do some muscle testing, and give me some immediate supplement suggestions in addition to ordering some general wellness bloodwork and testing. She is also the sweetest person, and she is highly knowledgable and quite obviously loves what she does. I have never loved any traditional doctor I've been to, and I tend to avoid them because of that. I truly loved my visit with Dr. Erin and feel like she is going to help me be my best me.
I can't say enough about Dr. Erin and what she has done for our family! She was able to uncover a health issue for me that was misdiagnosed by 3 other physicians. She has also helped me get off of my thyroid medication, which I didn't think was possible. She has my husband working on his diet and a healthier lifestyle. And our kids (who are in year round sports) have kept her busy adjusting all of their latest injuries. She is patient, intuitive, and always greets us with a bright, warm smile. She has been nothing short of a blessing to our family!
Dr. Erin is amazing! I referred all my momma friends to her because of how much she helped me. She helped me prepare through two pregnancies for delivery and even adjusted my oldest so we could get him sleeping better and learned stretches for his overly tight neck muscle when he was a few months old (we were able to avoid a helmet because of this!). She helped me relieve so many pregnancy pains and i attribute so much of both of my successful natural deliveries to good chiropractic support! She educated me so much along the way about best ways to support my & my family’s health. She also helped my husband with a back injury and helped him find the right resources when it was needed. I can’t say enough about her practice!
Dr. Erin Wadelin has been a lifesaver for me. She came into my life at a time when I had some issues with my health that seemed to be a mystery. She did everything in her power to find the cause of my issues and how to best treat them. While some of what she found was beyond her control, Dr. Wadelin was able to point me in the right direction so I would be aligned with specialists that could help me. In addition, she has been an integral part of my children's health, even though they are now adults and living in other states. She goes out of her way to ask about them and give guidance via email so that they can get the support they need while attending college in other states. I can't stress enough how much of a positive difference she has made in our lives. I am glad to know that she remains a person to go to for advice before I turn to other doctors that are here locally. I would drive/fly to Florida to see her regularly if that were an option!
I saw Dr. Erin 2 1/2 years postpartum with my 3rd child. I was tired, moody, trying everything possible to lose weight with zero results. After listening to every word that came out of my mouth she lead me down the path of correcting my hormone imbalance. Little did I know, she would also correct problems I didn’t even know were problems! My mood was better, my digestion was better, I had more energy, I could finally see results from eating better and working out. I finally felt “good”! Dr. Erin goes above and beyond for her patients. You leave her office feeling like you’ve been friends forever. She listens. She empathizes with you. She is real. She is hands down the best! As an added bonus, she is absolutely wonderful with children, too. My kids adore her and always look forward to their visits. We would highly recommended Dr. Erin!
Life changing! I see Dr. Erin for Chiropractic and Nutrition and she helped change my life from a very tiring and overwhelming place full of fear and confusion to now a much MUCH healthier place! She helped me to discover the steps I needed to identify my food sensitivities, unknown mysterious illnesses that went untreated properly for years and to find true hope for the first time in my health journey! Her personality that partners well with her professionalism, makes you leave with a breath of fresh air knowing what to do, how to handle and knowing someone’s got your back! Her joy and excitement for helping her patients is contagious! She was able to help me go from the dark and scary pits of depression, anxiety, stress, crippling illness, and hopelessness in such a short amount of time. ​By the first appointment I knew she was right for me and a rare commodity to find and by only 3 visits in we had 80% of my problems figured out and into the healing process. Without Dr. Erin and her wonderful care for others, her wisdom for knowing how to treat each individual patient with respect, honesty and with quality time, I don’t even know where I would be. I literally thank God for her! Life.changing.
Dr. Erin Wadelin makes everyone feel like a good friend or family! She is very welcoming and takes the time to listen, evaluate and explain what is going on. She took my blood work results that showed that I was not 100% where I should be in order to conceive and helped me get to where I needed to be with the use of vitamins and care! Erin took the time to explain ways in which I could help prepare myself for pregnancy.  She really worked with me and followed up. In Erin's care I feel that we have made progress and are even excited to announce that we will be expecting our little one very soon! We can't wait to continue with Erin to assist during pregnancy and after!