Whole Family Wellness

What does wellness mean to you?

Health is not merely the absence of disease, but rather is the optimal expression of one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Health cannot be found in pill form. Instead, health should be supported through whole-food nutrition, enjoyable physical activity, quality sleep and rest, and connected relationships with ones we love. When we support someone’s health by addressing the fundamental pillars of the human body and mind, we find that someone will require fewer medical interventions to maintain that optimal expression of health.

Dr. Erin believes that whole families should be supported through holistic, natural approaches of maintaining optimal health.

By assessing and identifying the root cause imbalances in someone’s health, we can overcome the obstacles to achieving a state of wellness. Integrating the specialties of chiropractic care, functional medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils, Dr. Erin has been able to support hundreds of children and whole families with natural approaches to their health concerns.


At Nurture Chiropractic and Family Wellness, each patient is cared for as a whole person. Children and adults receive customized recommendations tailored to their needs, as each person is biochemically individual and has differing lifestyle factors contributing to their health. Some patients have clear goals and objectives based on their symptoms, and some patients merely seek guidance about how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With all of the information overwhelm parents experience from social media and internet resources, Dr. Erin’s goal is to educate parents about the research-informed principles and practices of holistic living. She strives to help parents prioritize dietary and lifestyle changes that are appropriate and necessary for each individual family.


Through her experience as both a natural-minded physician and a mother, she supports parents in making the best healthcare decisions for their children.

By integrating holistic principles with modern approaches, Dr. Erin Wadelin helps children thrive to meet their fullest potentials.